Things I Find Interesting (ctd)

Been thinking more about Michael Pershan’s investigation of things he finds interesting. Great stuff (and he followed it up with a quick survey of research on interest as a psychological phenomenon)

Things I found interesting today:

  • Whether there is a rule for whether “gh” makes an “f” sound or is silent in the English language
  • Whether this task is an authentic test of knowledge of interior/exterior angles of polygons or hokey use of geometry
  • How the advantage of an onside kick changes based on the quality of the defense in football
  • How a broiler cooks differently than an oven
  • Whether I could make granola-crusted french toast as good as the breakfast place around the corner
  • How much money I spend per day on starbursts for my students

Things I found interesting and found the answer to:

  • Simplify this-Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 9.45.27 PM

Still want to explore the difference between interest and engagement. What decides when I persevere and finish a problem? Today may not have been the best–between work and planning a vacation for this winter I didn’t have much time to wonder. Will have to try it again later this week


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