Test Day

And I don’t want to talk about the test. During advisory this morning, we put this question up on the projector:

Which one is most different?


Got the question from Martin Gardner’s Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems, which is solid gold.

Anyway, this created some interesting discussion during advisory. My goal was just to get students to relax and enjoy thinking analytically for a few minutes to start their day. I’m curious if it will make a difference–with the quality of work, or the volume of stress.


2 thoughts on “Test Day

  1. mrdardy

    So, I’d have to guess there was some division between identifying the triangle or identifying the white square. I hope I’m right. I’d love to hear about how that conversation unfolded. Did the kids get pretty passionate about their answer or were they easily swayed?

    1. dkane47 Post author

      I actually had at least one student pick every option. Most were for the triangle and the white square though. My advisory partner and I didn’t do much besides ask students why they thought what they did–students were particularly passionate about the triangle, and there was a lot discussion among about half the class who were very interested in it.
      There were also a number of students convinced that it was a trick question, they were all different, and there was no point in picking one. I’m curious how that relates to their mathematical mindset when problem solving.


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