Filing Cabinet

Taught Andrew Stadel’s Filing Cabinet 3-Act today.

1. I have the same filing cabinet as him.

2. How cool is it that all of its dimensions are multiples of 3, and a post-it is 3 inches by 3 inches?

3. Didn’t let kids measure themselves. Makes it less authentic, but I’m worried about losing too many kids into silliness. Need to figure out how to manage those parts of lessons.

4. Biggest unforeseen challenge was the complexity of the multiplication–dimensions were 72 inches, 36 inches and 18 inches. Lots of chances for mistakes. Second-guessing not giving my students calculators for this one. Advantages and disadvantages there.

5. Picked the nicest numbers to make life a little easier arithmetic-wise for the sinkhole task tomorrow.

One thought on “Filing Cabinet

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