Classroom Management

Something Fawn Nguyen wrote that really resonated with me on classroom management:

Kids will forget some of the routines and look at us like we’re crazy when we remind them. So, remind them and don’t look so crazy, like don’t make a big deal out of it.

Kids will forget homework, pencils, directions and much more. We can best help them — and especially best help the students that struggle the most with this — by validating their experience. They might be trying really hard, and if we act like we can’t believe what they did we’re just making them mad.

The message to send is “hey, this is what you need to do, and this is why it’s important”, but the message I too often send with my words and my tone is “you are less of a student because you didn’t do this”.

Having the poise to send that message was the toughest challenge of my first few months, and I think my biggest failure. Instead, I sent the message that it was fun to push Mr. Kane’s buttons because they were bad students anyway and they got to see it get to me.

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