Root War

It’s test prep week! I mean the week before the MCAS (MA state standardized test). No need to attach testing…instead, play a fun game for review!

I discovered Kate Nowak’s log war part of the way through this year, and after our unit on rational and irrational numbers, including comparing irrational numbers (i.e. roots of imperfect squares) with whole numbers and decimals. So, review week, break out irrational number war! (still working on a better title).

It was a ton of fun watching kids argue about square roots, build their number sense with different types of numbers, and the looks on their faces when they got to pi, or the cube roots. They had fun, they were mostly very productive, and they were engaged in conversation about math. Good stuff.

Next time, I will:
1. Take pictures
2. Not handwrite the decks
3. Add fractions
4. Play for longer

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