Things That Are The Worst

Learning about an awesome lesson too late in the year.

I’m going to end my year (just 3 weeks away) with ~3 days on Barbie Bungee, with a ton of great guidance from Julie Reulbach and Fawn Nguyen. I think it will be an awesome way to end the year, but I’m also excited to introduce it at the start of my unit on scatter plots next year. Although it definitely has some competition with Gapminder for my favorite scatter plot teaching tool.

And then Yummy Math drops an awesome lesson on the growth of Godzilla over the last 60 years, complete with outlier analysis and a prediction of how big Godzilla will be in the upcoming sequel. Maybe I’m just a sucker for action movies, but this has estimation task, line of best fit, extrapolation, and maybe even proportions written all over it. Not to mention dropping the trailer as a hook. I hope the sequel comes through for me.

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