Two More Transformation Resources

Via Michael Pershan:

First, his construction with the Desmos API. I can’t wait to use this next year, and I’m working on my own using the Desmos API as an introduction to transformations before motion rules are introduced.

Second, this page from Khan Academy does much of what I’d like to do, but with a more specific intent — to get at 8.G.2 and 8.G.4, determining that two figures are congruent/similar based on whether one can be mapped to another using transformations. Does much of what I’d love my Desmos page to do, although I’m looking more for a user-friendly sandbox to explore transformations in a more open-ended way.

2 thoughts on “Two More Transformation Resources

  1. howardat58

    I checked out the Desmos application.
    Three points:
    1. It is far too complicated. Moving a triangle is sufficient.
    2. Second go with it, couldn’t get it to work properly.
    3. His rewrite of the elegant formula for the line joining two points throws away the reasoning behind the formula. It doesn’t show the slope of the line well either.
    I could go on !!!!!!

  2. Andrew Knauft

    That KA exercise is pretty slick. It would take some significant tweaking to get something similar with the desmos api… I’d be interested to see what you’re able to come up with!


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