Rational Function Headbandz –> Other Math Headbandz

So many amazing ideas came out of Twitter Math Camp. My new favorite is Rational Function Headbandz. You should head on over to Sam Shah’s blog to check it out, but he summarizes it will with:

TL;DR: An interactive activity having kids ask each other questions to guess the rational function graph they have on their foreheads.

Sounds awesome, and something I want to do in my classroom…except rational functions might be a bit beyond my 8th graders. Places I think this could be useful:

Graphing absolute value functions (anything to make that more interesting)

Identifying different forms of linear equations

Ordering real numbers (square roots, cube roots, multiples of pi, etc)

Categorizing shapes in geometry

There have to be more possibilities that I’m not thinking of. I’m excited just thinking about this lesson.

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