The Little Things

I spend way more time than is reasonable poring through Twitter and Feedly for ideas to be a better teacher tomorrow. I also find an enormous number of ideas that I would love to use, but don’t fit at the moment, or that I use and don’t want to forget to use next year.

Enter: Inbox by Gmail

Ok I don’t want this to read like a promo. I hear there are plenty of other services that offer this feature. But here we go.

I saw this tweet from Fawn today:
Screenshot 2015-05-04 at 8.38.17 PM
referencing this awesome post from awhile back. I meant to use it then and forgot, and I mean to use it now. Tomorrow, in fact, as our warm-up. But I don’t want to forget to use it again sometime.

Here’s where Inbox comes in:
Screenshot 2015-05-04 at 8.44.04 PM

The relevant feature here is that I can set a reminder for myself (or snooze an email) at a certain time in the future. It doesn’t clog my inbox, or get lost in the shuffle — but in a few months, it bubbles to the top and says “hey, don’t forget about me”. I take a great idea, and set a reminder for a time when it will likely fit (or a few days/weeks before then). And if it doesn’t fit at that moment, I can snooze it for another month until it comes back to remind me again.

This isn’t life-changing, and I’m sure plenty of folks already use it, but if I can do one small thing to engage some more kids in math a few times a year, it feels like a win for me.

Oh and maybe if I blog about this, I’ll remember to use it more often…

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