Reflecting On Writing

The school year has ended and I’m on to summer vacation. I’m working on a few projects, some related to teaching and some not. I’m also thinking about next year — my priorities, my goals, and my commitments.

In that reflection, I realized that one commitment I haven’t even considered ending was this blog. Writing has become a central part of my identity as a teacher. I think things through in writing. I encounter a challenge in the classroom and start thinking about how I can write about it. I set goals for what I want to learn, and writing about that process holds me accountable and helps me cut through to the essential takeaways.

At the same time, I’ve built a written record of how my ideas have evolved over time. I’ve become someone who can sit down and write when I need to — I no longer put off writing tasks as long as possible. Writing has opened doors and created relationships in my professional life that I never thought would be possible.

This is all to say thanks for reading. And for anyone out there who has considered starting a blog — I don’t know if it’s for you, but it’s absolutely worth a try. Most of all, my advice is to write for you. Don’t write worrying about what others will think or how it looks to someone you don’t know. Write because it will help you learn, help you reflect, and help you grow. You can learn a lot by sitting down to write about your teaching, once a day, once a week, once a month, or once a year.

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